Wedding Cake THC-O Vape Cart



Buy Wedding Cake THC-O Vape Cart UK

Buy Wedding Cake THC-O Vape Cart UK

Go above and beyond potency and flavor with our THC-O Vape Cart.

That’s because our THC-O Vape Cart is filled with two exceptional cannabinoids—THC-O and delta-8 THC. You can expect 73% THC-O and 7% delta-8 THC content in each 1 ml cartridge.

Simply screw the vape cartridge into a compatible 510 threaded battery and start vaping away. Each drag will bring you the unleashed power of THC-O, which is much more potent than regular delta-9 THC.

As you reach the cosmos, the small amount of delta-8 THC in the cartridge will soften out the extra-strong buzz.

We stand by the quality and safety of our vape cartridges with full lab testing. Each batch of our incredible THC-O Vape cartridges goes straight to the lab.

After all, we’re committed to providing safe and incredible cannabinoid products that will leave you coming back for more.

If you’re ready for the incredible power of THC-O in a delicious package, then grab one of our THC-O Vape Cartridges today.


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