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Hybrid | Sativa Dominant Hybrid | 60% Sativa | 40% Indica | THC: 18%


Buy WiFi Weed Strain UK

Buy WiFi Weed Strain UK from 420WeedUK

An excellent choice for the experienced weed consumer, WiFi cannabis strain is a sativa dominant (60% sativa / 40% indica) hybrid. It is a cross between the White Fire OG and the White Rhino strains that boast euphoric and calm cerebral high effects. This strain combines the most delicate features of its parentage to give you the best version of both.

From the White Fire OG, the WiFi strain inherits the tangy, earthy, diesel fragrance. While the high resin production is a trait from The White Rhino. The high resin production leaves the WiFi strain covered in a dusty snow-white ball of crystals. It’s best to smoke this strain during the day due to its hyperactive effects that leave the user’s mind working overtime

Positive Effects – Order WiFi Weed Strain UK & Ireland

WiFi weed strain has been hailed widely as a great recreational strain. The WiFi cannabis strain is what you need to get you by during the day as you get to work on your various chores. It would be best to use it with caution due to its high potency since it can take a toll on beginners. It kicks in immediately to deliver a potent cerebral high that leaves your functioning capacity intact. You will perform your normal activities as always but with a happier disposition. Effects associated with the WiFi strain’s high include relaxation tinges coursing through your body, warmth, and unbound creativity. The WiFi cannabis strain is indeed what you need when working on creative projects. It opens the mind up to a new capacity by eliminating all the mental and physical blocks that limit a person’s thinking.


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