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As if you needed any more encouragement, here are some of the amazing benefits of cannabis-infused chocolate:

Cannabis Chocolate is Packed with Antioxidants – Order Which Chocolate Marble 150mg UK

Cannabis is rich in compounds called flavonoids. These are potent antioxidants which have a whole host of potential benefits for the human body. Chocolate is also filled with these nutritional powerhouses, making cannabis-infused chocolate both tasty and good for your health.

Some of the reported benefits of chocolate include improving heart health and having aphrodisiac properties, while cannabis may help to relieve pain, nausea, anxiety, and a wide range of other conditions.

Chocolate is a Healthy Way to Enjoy Marijuana

Marijuana chocolate, and edibles in general, are a healthy way to enjoy weed as they eliminate the need for smoking or vaping, both of which carry certain risks.

How to try edibles for the first time

Trying edibles for the first time can be intimidating, but it’s all about taking it low and slow, as we’ll explain in a four-step process. Here are the key takeaways for an optimum edibles experience:

  • Try edibles with both THC and CBD
  • Start with 2 mg of THC or less
  • Shop for products that are easy to dose
  • Wait at least two hours before consuming more, preferably 24 hours



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