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Indica | THC: 18-19%


Buy Wappa Weed Strain UK

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Wappa Cannabis strain is slightly Indica dominant and was created by the Paradise Breeders, with a 60:40 Indica/Sativa ratio. The bud packs average THC levels ranging between 18-19 %. Although the genetics are unknown, most believe that this weed strain’s parents are a Skunk strain fused with an unknown strain. The plant grows to a medium size and is relatively stalky. The flowers are remarkably large and have a spade-like shape.

On the other hand, the buds are dense and tightly packed. The leaves are dark with light green shades and hairy pistils twisting through them. This marijuana strain has a fruity fragrance of lime and lemon with sweet notes. The flavour is equally pleasant, with added hints of pine and a skunkiness that intensifies if grinding or combusting the buds.

Positive Effects – Order Wappa Weed Strain UK & Ireland

The strain delivers a memorable experience due to its right potency, thereby producing smooth and balanced effects. The strain is a creeper in its impact as the high may take as many as 15 minutes to kick in. Note that although the strain has relatively lower THC levels than most Indicas, it is still very potent. As the effects kick in, one starts to feel a tingle around the forehead and temples. A progressive feeling of relaxation kicks in, cascading down via the spine and slowly radiates out to the limbs. Users also start to feel mentally stimulated, with most feeling focused on different ideas. The strain also induces smooth and easy vibes on users, enhancing socialization and provoking conversations in social situations. As the high progresses, the dominant feeling is a deep relaxation coupled with introspectiveness.



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