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Hybrid / 50% Sativa | 50% Indica | THC: 22%


Buy Venom OG Weed UK

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Venom OG Kush, an Indica Dominant Weed strain is highly potent but not really as threatening as the name suggests. This strain is a crossbreed between Poison OG and Rare Darkness #1. Its breeders are reputable for the developments of Ghost Train Haze strain. The THC concentration ranges between 18-23%. The strain is well balanced with 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. However, Indica properties dominate the strain.

This Cannabis strain causes sedation that is medicinal enough to alleviate aches and anxiety.  At the same time, it brings an enjoyable stimulation. The exhale has pine and skunky taste. However, you won’t feel the high immediately as the compound is slow to act. You will wait for around 15 minutes from the first hit for you to start feeling the effects.

The users usually experience a thumping on the forehead as the limbs become heavy. Thereafter, the muscular tension begins to fade, enabling the user to have a more comfortable and deeper breath. A full-body high then kicks in, slowly but with assurance spreading relaxed impulses through the spine.

Positive Effects – Order Venom OG Weed UK & Ireland

This Marijuana strain comes with plenty of relaxation for the mind and body. Upon combustion, Venom OG Kush strain generates a harsh smoke that may trigger coughing in some users. However, it will do away with both mental and physical fatigue. A review of the effects on the users reveals that they feel free from any worry thoughts.

It is a suitable choice to bring a more positive mentality. The Cannabis strain comes with a happy and joyous feeling. You will want to share a light moment with the people around you. In addition, it causes an instant euphoria that sticks until the high fades. The Weed strain is a sure way to have an uplift and revitalized mood.


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