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Capsules | 30 per bottle


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Buy THC Capsules – 100mg UK from 420WeedUK

Dose: 100 mg of THC per Capsule

Total: 30 Capsules (3000 mg of THC per Bottle)

These THC Capsules are made using 100 mg of Premium Full Spectrum THC Distillate with MCT Oil. There is much added convenience with capsules over another form of ingesting. With capsules, there is no smell or smoke from vaping/smoking and no mess as with most edibles. These have been known to provide both a body buzz, as well as the traditional euphoric feeling of smoking.

Where to buy THC Capules 100mg UK

These capsules have been known to help with appetite loss, depression, and pain.

Note: It can take up to an hour to feel the effects, so wait at least 60-90 minutes before increasing dosage. Please keep in a cool, dark place.

Capsules are 100% BSE Free, no additives or preservatives.

Storage: Capsules should be stored in a cool, dry environment at a temperature between 20°C and 30°C. Avoid storing next to heat sources such as heaters and direct sunlight.

Benefits Of THC Tablets – Order 100mg THC Capsules UK

THC pills are easier to see as medicine than delicious treats that make consumers happy in more ways than one. Unlike many edibles, THC pills aren’t packaged in the empty calories offered by ultra-sweet and fatty foods. One of the challenges of consuming safe quantities of edibles is that it’s hard to resist the rest of the 100 mg THC cookie when you’ve got the munchies. But THC pills are pretty boring, so you likely won’t be tempted to take another one for its flavor.


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