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Buy Platinum Kush Weed UK

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Platinum Marijuana Strain is an Indica dominant hybrid named due to its frosty appearance of the dense trichomes during the harvesting period. Under the crystals, you will find leaves with purple hints and bright amber pistils. It is also known as Platinum OG or Platinum OG Kush.

This Cannabis strain produces a sweet, pungent smell that closely resembles that of sweet-fruit and earthy taste. This Strain is probably a cross of the original Afghani and Master Kush Strain. Its THC level falls between 20% and 25%, making it a relatively potent option, though when grown in non-conducive environments may result in low THC levels.

Positive Effects Order Platinum Kush Weed UK & Ireland

It offers a gradual creeping high that can take about 15 minutes to relieve its full force. Its effects emerge eventually, and a sensation flows throughout the body. Expect the amplification of the auditory and visual is a great weed to consider when tackling analytical and complex tasks that require some level of creativity. However, its potency level may prevent users from participating in physical activities.

Platinum Kush Marijuana Strain offers a great way to unwind after an engaging workday in social settings or alone. It has a holistic high that helps the smoker feel refreshed and centered. Due to its couch-lock effects, Platinum Kush is, therefore, best for the evening and off-day use.


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