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Buy PF Classic Magic Mushrooms UK

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If you are looking for potency, then you are on the right track. This magic shroom is a favourite among growers and users. It gets its name from the PF Classic grow method inventor, Robert McPherson. It’s slow to mature. However, it gives you high potency and an unforgettable all-around experience.

PF Classic mushrooms have thick and dark reddish caps. As the plant grows, the caps start in a dome shape. However, as the plant nears maturity, it grows until it convolutes and upturns. Its gills are deep brown with purple streaks of spore deposits forming around and across the caps. Depending on humidity and air, the stem can be fat and short or hefty and long. This Psilocybe Fanaticus strain responds well to plenty of moisture and air.

PF Classic stem is slender, long, thick fleshed and appears white. This shroom has a unique flesh. Soft like damp bread. Also, it can be fibrous.

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Newbies and frequent users should not miss this Psilocybe Fanaticus. Using a micro-dose of 0.2-0.5 delivers pleasurable effects. When taken daily, it reduces anxiety and boosts creativity. This effect tends to be mild. Often, this feeling is the same as after consuming weed. Further, strangers seem friendly, and the music feels better. Additionally, the mind losses control.

Psilocybin Fanticus causes unwanted effects when overused. Doses above 4 grams induce intense hallucinations. Newbies should not use this dose. However, users with experience manage these effects well. The critical fact is for users to stop overindulging.

On that point, PF mushroom is faddish in the medical field. It treats patients with anxiety, addiction, and it’s in use during the manufacturing eye drops. Late to blossom, and only drops spores when fully grown. Growers wishing to cultivate it should use PF-TEK or BFR methods.


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