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Hybrid | Sativa Dominant Hybrid 75% Sativa | 25% Indica | THC: 27% | CBD: 1%


Buy Moby Dick Weed Strain UK

Buy Moby Dick Weed Strain UK from 420WeedUK

Moby Dick is a sativa-dominant hybrid (sativa/indica ratio of 75:25) created by crossing White Widow, an indica-dominant hybrid, and Haze, a pure sativa. THC levels are high, topping 21% in some tests. CBD values are very low, less than 1%, making this a poor choice for patients who suffer from epilepsy or other conditions that respond to this cannabinoid.

The heavy sativa genes create a strongly euphoric, creative high with an upbeat mood. The effects are great in treating depression, anxiety, pain, and muscle spasms. Moby Dick can also alleviate lack of appetite. The overall effect is clear-headed but relaxing.

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Moby Dick is designed specifically as a strong medical strain. It is excellent for daytime use though patients may feel lazy a few hours after use. The cerebral effects are often used to combat the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Patients that have lost their appetites, whether it’s due to chemotherapy or other reasons, often choose this strain. The body high may ease mild aches and pains, but it is not strong enough to combat severe pain.


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