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Hybrid / 50% Indica – 50% Sativa | THC: 22%


Buy Master Bubba Weed UK

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Master Bubba is a potent marijuana strain bred from two classic strains, namely Master Kush and Bubba Kush strains by mysterious breeders. This cannabis strain has a balanced indica/sativa ratio i.e. 50:50. The THC levels present in this marijuana strain range from 6.48% to 8.51%. In this review, you will learn about the appearance of this weed strain and its fragrance, flavour, medical benefits, and side effects. This cannabis strain has small, thick and musky buds. Although not entirely white, the strain displays a whitish colour due to the massive white crystalline trichomes. Underneath the crystals lie the deep green buds. Upon inhalation, a strong earthy flavour mixed with spiciness hits the palate. The fragrance exudes skunky notes and earthy scents, combined with some fruity undertones.

Positive Effects – Order Master Bubba Weed UK & Ireland

The strain delivers a sensual high coupled with balanced cerebral effects. Initially, you experience a heavy head sensation, which then dissipates to the rest of the body, calming you down. One also enjoys a boost of energy due to the sativa properties. Along with this energy comes an increased need for socialization and vibing. Your focus and creativity levels heighten up, offering the right amount of motivation to accomplish previously put off tasks. As the effects continue to take hold, one begins to experience an appetite enhancement due to the munchies experienced. The indica properties of the strain trigger the munchies. As the effects reach the peak, the body heavy easily lulls you to deep and peaceful slumber.


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