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Buy Limitless Delta 8 CBC Cartridge UK from 420WeedUK

This all glass Delta 8 CBC Cartridge is a standard 510 thread and fits most battery’s, ideal voltage is  3.1 to 3.6V.

Strain Profiles:
Godfather OG – Indica
Death Star – Indica
Super Sour Skunk – Sativa
Mango Kush – Hybrid
Blueberry Diesel – Hybrid
Maui Wowie – Sativa dominant hybrid

Limitless Delta 8 CBC Vape Cartridge Specifics:
for the specifics.
Delta 8 THC % – 50%
Delta 9 THC % – 0
CBC % – 21%
CBN % – 0
Total measured cannabinoid % – 71
Total cannabinoid % (measured & unmeasured) – 99.8+

Only use this product in the comfort of your own home, do not drive or operate heavy machinery for at least 8-12 hours from taking this product.***

Should You Try A THC Cartridge? – Order Limitless Delta 8 CBC Cart UK

Absolutely! Trying new things is the name of the game in the cannabis community. And honestly, what do you have to lose?

If you don’t like it, that smoke sesh is less than stellar, but you can always go back to the old standby (whatever that is for you). But if you do like it, you may just find your new favorite way to get baked.


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