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Indica | THC: 23%


Buy Lava Cake Weed UK

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This Marijuana Strain is an easy to grow Indica dominant strain. Lava Cake is a difficult Strain to come by and thus considered a rare Strain. Like most Indicas, it has dense and expansive nugs, giving a bushy appearance to the canopy. They grow between five to seven feet tall, depending on its exposure to light.

Lava Cake Weed Strain is considered a Cannarado Genetics brainchild from a cross of Grape Pie and Thin Mint GSC Strain. Its forceful deep relaxation is due to its intensely felt effects. It has THC potency of 15% to 18%

Positive Effects – Order Lava Cake Weed UK & Ireland

This Lava Cake gives a feeling of relaxation and positivity. Due to its high potency level, moderate consumption of it results in a couch-lock effect. The effects are felt on every inch of the body while spreading in waves. The limbs start feeling some heaviness and begin stretching out. Finally, you may not be in a position to move the body or limbs, resulting in a deep refreshing nap.

Its THC content is enough for an energized euphoria. If you are experiencing a low mood weighing you down, this Strain will effectively relax you and uplift your general mood. It is best for social situations as it causes laughter, sets the tone for social events, and eliminates social anxiety.


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