Kloud 9 Full Spectrum Cartridge


flavours ATF (500mg), Blue Dream (500mg), Blueberry Kush (500mg), Girl Scout Cookies (500mg), Grand Daddy Purple (500mg), Jack Herrer (500mg), King Louis XII (500mg), Northern Lights (500mg), OG Kush (500mg), Pineapple (500mg), Pineapple Express (500mg), Raw Full Spectrum (500mg), Strawberry Cough (500mg), Super Lemon Haze (500mg), Tangie (500mg)


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The Kloud 9 team knows that not everyone is the same, what may work for one person might not for the other. As such, we have developed a full spectrum line of cartridges. With a full cannabinoid and terpene profile, many find these carts to be rather strong! Made using a high-grade Essential Cannabis Resin formulation, it is free of any carrier oils and residual solvents. As always we only use AVD cartridges, which have passed all lab testings, certified free of heavy metals. We are constantly striving to set a new standard so that our cartridge will excel in quality from start to finish. We hope you stay purely elevated!

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Ever wondered why there is an air bubble in your cartridge? When cartridges are filled the oil is at a warmer temperature. As it settles, it saturates the coil, some carts more than others as the temperature isn’t always exact. This process can sometimes leave an air bubble. This is necessary for the shipping of the cartridge. Rest assured it has the same amount of oil in every cartridge.

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