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oi Pods Lemon Drop are made with pure, 99.6% THC distillate and naturally-derived terpenes. Over at Joi Pods, the goal is to spread the healing benefits of cannabis by delivering pure, quality products. These JUUL compatible pods are designed to fit the needs of the trendy and health conscious consumer or cannabis connoisseur. Each order comes with one pod filled with 0.7mL of distillate and terpenes, with THC content of 500mg.

Why Buy Joi Pods Lemon Drop THC Vape Carts London

A THC cartridge is a pre-filled, disposable container filled with your favorite strain of THC oil. Once the oil in the THC cartridge reaches a certain temperature, it vaporizes. You can then inhale to your heart’s content without worrying about the adverse effects of smoke in your lungs.

But you’re not going to throw your THC cartridge in the oven or boil it on the stove. There’s a very special method to this madness.


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