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Hybrid | Sativa Dominant Hybrid |  70% Sativa | 30% Indica THC: 17% – 19% | CBD: 1%


Buy Jet Fuel Weed Strain UK

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Created by 303 Seeds, Jet Fuel Marijuana is a savoury Sativa dominant variety. It is from the Sour Diesel and OG Kush Lineage. Also known as Jet Fuel OG strain or G6, It is a hybrid of Aspen OG and High-Country Diesel Strains.  Its THC content ranges between 17%-20%, with Sativa to Indica ratio of 60:40.

Jet Fuel Marijuana strain has a robust high, accompanied by energizing and euphoric effects. Therefore, these effects will boost your moods and energize you. It may be an excellent strain to start the day, though its euphoric sensation will make you giggly, with uncontrollable laughs. Besides, the euphoric and uplifting high will help release stress, anxiety and depression.

Jet Fuel OG strain’s aroma is spicy and gasoline-like. It will quickly fill and linger your room, making sure you use or grow it in a ventilated area. However, if you are looking for a delicious weed, don’t go for Jet Fuel weed. Its flavour is earthy, with diesel taste on the taste buds. Its buds are fluffy and plump, covered in orange pistils. The leaves are long and tapered, dark green.

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Medically speaking, Jet Fuel can have psychological benefits for patients. The acute sharpening of the senses can be a big asset in helping users live more fully “in the now” if they’re burdened by symptoms of stress and anxiety. This strain’s cerebral focus can also aid those with attention deficit disorders. Because of its potency and its tendency to induce recursive, obsessive thinking, Jet Fuel is not recommended for patients or recreational users who are prone to anxiety or paranoia.

This strain’s name doesn’t only account for its energetic nature, it’s also a reference to the sweet tang of gasoline that wafts from the flowers. Like parent strain High Country Diesel, Jet Fuel packs a fuel-like chemical punch. Grinding or burning the sticky flowers gives off a whiff of pine as well, calling to mind Jet Fuel’s OG Kush lineage. As with many other sativas, the smoke generated by this strain is smooth, although the skunky diesel aftertaste may leave many smokers reaching for a glass of water.


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