Herbivore Chocolate Bars


Chocolates | THC 50mg


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Herbivore Edibles Chocolate Bars. 2 bars per package & 50mg THC per bar.

Flavors include: Kookie Krisp, Swix, Racer, O’Herbie, Sneaker, Ponder & Martian

Experience the smooth and creamy chocolate goodness of these Kookie Crisp Chocolate Bars from Herbivore Edibles! Taking inspiration from famous classic candy bars, Herbivore brings a stoner-friendly twist to the chocolate treats you know and love. With each bite, you’ll delight your taste buds with crisp wafers, chocolate and coffee-flavored filling, and a delicious chocolate coating.

Herbivore Chocolate Bars UK for Sale Online

No harsh cannabis flavor, just the great taste of your favorite chocolate snack! Kookie Crisp Chocolate Bars allow you to indulge your inner chocoholic while enjoying that irresistible cannabis buzz. In addition to fantastic flavor, this edible also delivers a soothing, sensational high that will chill you out for hours. Even just one of these potent canna-candies is enough to knock you off your feet and right into your couch!


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