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Buy Green Crack God Weed UK

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Gods Green Crack Strain is a mash of two strains, Gods Bud and Green Crack Sativa, with an Indica to Sativa ratio of 60:40. The Green crack helps to tone down the massive sedative effects of Gods Bud. It has a very high THC potency of 19%-25%. The hybrid strain is a favourite of most stoners due to its mood-lifting and muscle relaxing capabilities. Gods Green Crack plant beautifully stands out due to its colourful deep purple flowers, which thrive at low temperatures.

This marijuana strain’s effects are felt immediately after inhalation. The weed strain has a calming effect followed by an accelerated train of thoughts, increased energy levels, and creativity. The Gods Green Crack Strain is both an indoor and outdoor plant. It thrives in a semi-humid climate. It may take 7 to 8 weeks for the plant to flower and reach full maturity. Cold night temperatures help bring out the plant’s purple flowers. The pla

Positive Effects – Order Green Crack Good Weed UK & Ireland

Once consumed, the marijuana Strain has a soothing effect, followed by a feeling of relaxation that increases one’s focus. For the artistic souls, this is the go-to marijuana strain, as it is known to bring about creative ideas. The strain also helps increase energy levels.

The strain brings about a feeling of euphoria, which helps lighten one’s mood. It comes in handy as a stress reliever. It is best to consume the cannabis strain at night or when you are looking to delve into relaxing activities like watching movies.



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