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Hybrid | Indica Dominant Hybrid | 80% Indica | 20% Sativa | THC: 20%-23%


Buy Great White Shark Weed UK

Buy Great White Shark Weed UK from 420WeedUK

A popular award-winning white widow strain was crossed with a mix of super skunk, Brazilian, and South Indian Indica to create Great White Shark Strain. The weed strain is a hybrid created by a breeder greenhouse. It is a potent cannabis strain with several winning awards. According to weed strains history information, Great White Shark is an elder strain. It holds the winner awards cannabis cup during the 1997 High Times competition and 2005 High-life Hemp fare first place prize.

Great White Shark weed strain is a potent herb with long-lasting effects. It reacts quickly with well-balanced mental and physical effects. The genetic variety make-up comprises 80% Sativa and 20% Indica. THC levels have a moderate distribution, with an average range of 15% to 21%.

Positive Effects – Order Great White Shark Weed UK & Ireland

A single stone comes with well-rounded mental and physical effects. Great White Shark cannabis strain quickly hits long-lasting effects. It’s suitable for both recreational users and medical cannabis patients. The initial results creep in, giving every stoner a sense of cerebral thinking.

Increased blood flow in the brain can lead to stimulating mental energy for a healthy cognitive system. Further, after stimulation, stoners rush to a heavy relaxation.  A little way to increased focus or freely-associative thinking comes because of an enhanced cognitive system.


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