Ganja Baked – White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie – 30mg


Baked Edibles | 30mg White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie


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Ganja Baked is one of the greatest edible companies Canada has to offer. Ganja Baked has crafted amazing and original baked good formulas, as well as unique a divine THC extraction process. Instead of having regular brownies where the dosage may seem off or ineffective, Ganja Baker precisely infused their best THC extract into their delicious baked goods. The Mary Jane world needs fresh flavors, new forms to ingest marijuana as well as different recipes for some classic snacks that will wet your palette! These creative flavor combinations and new baked goods are enticing for all cannabis customers throughout Canada. Ganja makes sure to present their yummy treats in simple and cute fresh assured bags.

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Ganja uses CO2 extraction techniques as well as a rich and potent cannabutter formula. They then blend in the cannabis goods with their authentic baked good recipes for cookies, brownies, chocolate bars, etc. All of Ganja’s goods are prepared by hand, mixed with care, and baked to perfection. Their specially made fresh bags ensure that these amazing treats make it to your hands still with that oven-baked fresh taste and aroma. Even when you do receive your selection of Ganja Baked goods, heating up a cookie or brownie for a few minutes will brighten up your senses.


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