Ganja Baked – Peanut Butter Cookie 50mg


Baked Edibles | 50mg Peanut Butter Cookies


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Cannabutter Peanut butter cookie are already divine! When you add a little marijuana then you’re in for a good time! Ganja Edibles presents their savory Cannabutter Peanut butter cookie infused with some of the greatest THC extracts around! Most weed consumers go for classic flavors of chocolate weed edibles, but these peanut butter cookies will rock the boat. Cannabutter Peanut butter cookies take anywhere from half an hour to an hour to fully take effect. Once they do, you will fall into your own marijuana oasis.

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The Cannabutter Peanut butter cookie Ganja are made with a simple and delightful recipe. One bite can take weed consumers back to a peaceful memory of sweet and savory treats! Keep these cookies in a secret cookie jar away from the kids, and take a few nipples on your downtime. Ganja’s rich peanut butter taste and crisp crunch will give an immediate release one the THC kicks in. Depression patients can quail their anxiousness and mood swings once taking two of these peanut butter cookies. Ganja’s peanut butter cookies are excellent for a quick dessert as well.



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