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The bittersweet taste of dark weed chocolate is a more refined flavor to some dark weed chocolate fans. Ganja adds a level of complex flavor with the nutty salt bite of almonds in the new Dark Almond weed  chocolate bars. Within each weed chocolate square, every inch is thoroughly infused with THC extracts from top marijuana plants, as well as some of the richest dark chocolate Ganja could get its hands on. The discreet nature of a chocolate bar makes the dark almond bar easily accessible for everyday use. When you explore this new edible chocolate line, you will favor the dark almond bar for a decent high and great taste.

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Weed consumers who want to try something different should start with this beautifully dynamic dark almond bar. Ganja uses slow-roasted almonds with THC extracts that are then blended into a velvety tart dark chocolate mix. The high can last up to 4 hours. Some positive psychoactive impacts include a dreamy haze for an uplifting cerebral stone as well as loosening up your body tingling all over. Such a high state does not minimize your mood but mellows you out. The dark almond bar will have you in a much better frame of mind to be expressive in your work. This chocolate bar can also give you the energy to complete a simple to-do list as well. Ganja’s edibles have yet to disappoint and remain truly consistent with their recipes and THC potency. Experimenting with Ganja’s dark chocolate almond bar will broaden your perspective on decently tasty and effective edibles.

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