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Hybrid | Indical Dominant Hybrid | 70% indica | 30% sativa | THC: 24%


Buy El Jefe Weed Strain UK

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Are you searching for an Indica dominant marijuana strain? Struggle no more. This cannabis-centric review ushers you to El Jefe strain. It’s a weed strain that is renowned for delivering powerful comprehensive-body effects. These effects come along with a natural herb, earthy and spicy lemon aroma. It also has an indica content of about 70% indica and 30% sativa and THC levels of about 22% to 25%.  The cannabis strain is a cross-breed of Abusive OG and Rare Darkness #1.

Despite being an indica-dominant strain, the hybrid herb has high that relieves stress while keeping your body at bay. Unlike most other strains, this is a good strain for newbies as long as they take care while puffing. As a cannabis consumer, you will be glad to discover that it does not knock you out immediately, so you can continue with your daily tasks.

Positive Effects – Order El Jefe Weed Strain UK

El Jefe cannabis strain is famous for its mind-soothing effects that give tokers relief from their daily woes. It is quite the opposite of what you think, according to its name. It’s one of hybrid buds that lay down the law, though they do not necessarily overtake the consumers. The strain has a mind-calming high that thrives in both the body and mind. It creates a deadening feel that can make you want to remain indoors.

The cross-breed is known for providing mental relief you wish just like no other. Although it’s a strong herb, it’s not powerful enough to make you pass out for a whole night. You can also take a small amount and have a walk to the beach without worrying about the sedative effects or falling asleep on a chair.


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