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Hybrid | Indica Dominate Hybrid | 70% Indica | 30% Sativa | THC: 23%


Buy El Chapo Weed UK

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Among strains known for intense terpenes and massive hitting high, the El Chapo OG strain is a three-way hybrid herb. The cannabis strain is a descendant of OG Kush, SFV OG and Face Off OG. You can be sure that the strain is not a joke with such parents and won’t take easy on you. This is an indica dominant weed strain with about 70% indica, 30% sativa and THC levels of 19% to 23%.

Although no one knows who created this wonderful OG Kush strain, it’s a potent powerhouse bud to puff any day. The hybrid flower is not for those with a chicken heart because it has fast-acting effects that can knock you quickly if not careful. However, it’s one of the best strains to try if you had a hectic day, and all you want is to chill.

Positive Effects – Order El Chapo Weed UK & Ireland

As said earlier, the El Chapo is not a strain that is not for consumption to those with a chicken heart. It has quick-acting effects that will leave you asking for more tokes. With its powerful THL levels, the cannabis strain offers sedative effects that make a consumer stick in bed. A few tokes are enough to make a consumer forget about all encounters of the day.

The strain also provides a breathtaking cerebral high that takes root in your head, uplifting your mood while relaxing. As the creative energy gets to its peak, your mind and body will fall into complete sedation. Tokers claim that this incredible feeling helps the muscle to relax and find peace.


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