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Hybrid | Sativa Dominant Hybrid | 40% Indica | 60% Sativa | THC: 21%


Buy Chronic Kush Weed UK

Buy Chronic Kush Weed UK from 420WeedUK

Chronic Kush weed strain is an Indica leaning hybrid that delivers a well-rounded high. It’s a strain created through a three-way cross of AK-47, Northern Lights, and Skunk#1. Canadian producers made this marijuana strain to serve as a great all-purpose hybrid. It unveils effects for both Cannabis strain patients and recreational stoners.

THC content is about 14% to 20%, and the weed strain contains high concentrations of CBD. It provides smokers with Indica-heavy high as the hybrid ratio amounts to 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. Similar to other Indica hybrids, Chronic Kush marijuana strain will take several minutes before unleashing its mellow effects.

Positive Effects – Order Chronic Kush Weed UK & Ireland

The chronic Kush marijuana high takes effect immediately by a fast-paced headspace and freely associative thinking. A mentally stimulated mindset facilitated creative thinking and focused, motivated cerebral thinking. During the initial stages, its ideal complement to routine activities and social engagement.

In a social setting, this cannabis strain high upbeat comes with amusement suited for an engaged conversation. As time progresses, sedating effects appear to reduce any muscular tension and creates a euphoric feeling temporarily. A growing instance of physical relaxation leads to mental clarity and a mellow body buzz. The cerebral high and thinking are long-lasting and confers other medical benefits.


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