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Hybrid | Indica Dominant Hybrid | 55% Indica | 45% Sativa | THC: 24%


Buy Chem Dawg Weed UK

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Chemdawg Strain boasts of being a prevalent weed since it is the parent strain to Sour Diesel and OG Kush strains. However, its genetic history is uncertain though it is a cross between Nepalese (by US Breeders) and Thai strains. Chemdawg Weed is trendy in the Us due to its unique taste and energetic high.

Its THC average is between 15%- 20%. This strain is evenly balanced due to its Indica to Sativa ratio, which is 55:45. The high is cerebral, creative, relaxing, energetic and long-lasting. Upon inhalation of Chemdawg Marijuana strain, one is likely to be free from negative racing thoughts. It is not recommended for new beginners since it is hard-hitting.

With the pungent stench and gassy flavour, Chemdawg strain isĀ  a classical strain. It has a pleasing scent and aroma filled with diesel, and spicy wet-earthy notes will leave one craving for some more.

Positive Effects – Order Chem Dawg Weed UK & Ireland

Chemdawg Cannabis strain has creative endeavours hence making it a legendary strain. Upon inhalation of this strain, one will experience a sharpening of senses and a high sense of awareness. It is ideal for social meetings since it can lead to animated conversation. Users experience a rush of cerebral energy after the intake. Moreover, it has calming effects, which will make one relax after a hectic day. The euphoric effects of this strain will leave you happy. It is suitable for day time due to its energizing and thoughts stimulating effects.


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