Budtanicals – 1:0 THC Dominant 100mg




Buy Budtanicals – 1:0 THC Dominant 100mg UK

Buy Budtanicals – 1:0 THC Dominant 100mg UK  from 420WeedUK

This 100mg variant is a powerful THC capsule that provides you with the best attention to detail and highest quality on the market. You are bound to appreciate the great results and features offered, and in the end you will be extremely happy with the experience.

Where to buy 1:0 THC 100mg Capsules UK

One thing is certain, this is an amazing and extraordinary product that consists of coconut oil, cold pressed organic food grade hemp oil and closed loop extracted THC. Plus, it’s very easy to use! With its set dosage of 100mg of THC you know exactly what amount you’re consuming. Due to its high potency we recommend that you take 1 capsule and wait 1-2 hours and wait to see how it effects you before ingesting more.

Benefits of THC Capsules – Order Budtanicals THC Capsules UK

THC pills are easier to see as medicine than delicious treats that make consumers happy in more ways than one. Unlike many edibles, THC pills aren’t packaged in the empty calories offered by ultra-sweet and fatty foods. One of the challenges of consuming safe quantities of edibles is that it’s hard to resist the rest of the 100 mg THC cookie when you’ve got the munchies. But THC pills are pretty boring, so you likely won’t be tempted to take another one for its flavor.


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