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Sativa | THC: 24% – 29%


Buy Bruce Banner Weed UK

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Bruce Banner Strain is named after a ruthless comic legend due to an immaculate match between the comic hero’s approach and the weed’s characteristics. The Sativa-orientated Weed Strain is a descendant of the well-known Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush Cannabis. This hybrid Weed Strain is proudly known for its solid THC Content of around 25% to 27% and a mixture of Sativa 60% and Indica 40%.

This splendid bud is the invention of Delta9 Labs’ masterminds, as the high of this Strain will cheer you up, keep you energetic and focused, and then eventually help you get the best lullaby sleep. The High Times Cannabis Cup declared it the most influential potent strain tested to this point. Subsequently, it comes in three different variants as 1, 3 & 5, while Bruce Banner-3 was awarded the first prize at Denver’s US Cannabis Cup.

Undoubtedly, the Bruce Banner Strain offers one of the highest THC contents. Whereas the award-winning Bruce Banner-3 has often exhibited THC levels that stretched up to 30%, making it astonishingly stronger and more effective than most of the Strains.

Positive Effects – Order Bruce Banner Weed UK & Ireland

Thanks to its strong THC contents and Sativa governing genes, the Bruce Banner Strain has a powerful effect on one’s mind. You start getting the results immediately after its consumption, because its initial punch would boost your mind, making you more energetic and responsive to things. As you reach the peak of its high, it will freeze your thoughts and your body will start calming down, making you stick to your sofa.



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