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They say nothing solves problems like chocolate, but what if we added a little CBD into the mix? Luckily for you, this Dark Chocolate 120mg CBD Bar from Boost Edibles does just that! This canna-confection is the perfect way to enjoy the soothing effects of CBD while satisfying even the strongest sweet tooths. By combining decadent dark chocolate with premium CBD distillate, Boost Dark Chocolate 120mg CBD is as therapeutic as it is delicious. These chocolate bars are also extremely discrete, so you can relax and unwind anywhere, at any time. Whether you’re a CBD newbie or just looking for a better way to medicate, this is the edible for you!

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One bar of Boost CBD Dark Chocolate contains 120mg of pure CBD distillate. If you want to share the love with friends, this bar also divides into twelve 10mg pieces. These easily breakable pieces make controlling and measuring doses easier and more convenient than ever! Once you indulge in this tasty chocolate treat, you’ll experience a wave of relaxation that eases your mind and erases your worries. Boost CBD Chocolate even offers medical patients relief from symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, and more. Make this edible a part of your daily routine to experience the benefits of CBD with absolutely no psychoactive high!


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