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Hybrid | Indica Dominant Hybrid | 60% Indica  | 40% Sativa | THC: 24%


Buy Bluefin Tuna Weed UK

Buy Bluefin Tuna Weed UK from 420WeedUK

In this review, we dig deep into the Bluefin Tuna weed strain. This hybrid strain is moderately Indica-leaning. It has a hybrid constitution of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. The origin and genetics of this marijuana strain involve a cross between the outstanding Blueberry and Tuna Kush strains.

Interestingly, the bud has a level-headed high that is recognizable to itself. It induces massive dreamy effects that will lead your mind insanely soaring high. Subsequently, your body will bask in oblivion. On top of that, it creates an influx of creative energy.

Slowly it takes your mind into a ride, and the sensation fades away. Also, your focus gets topnotch as you dive into deep introspection. Soon, the body gets heavy, and you feel immobile. Before you know, you are glued to your couch bed.

The overlay is charismatic. The buds have fluffy pepper-shaped neon green nugs. The nugs have light amber shades with orange hairs covering. Besides, the bud has a coating of frosty sandy amber crystalline trichomes.

Positive Effects – Order Bluefin Tuna Weed UK & Ireland

The effects of this Bluefin Tuna are overwhelming. You don’t want to miss it if you are a marijuana lover. Upon taking your first puff, the addictive cerebral high hits you immediately. At first, you feel full of energy.

Then dreamy effects overtake your senses. Consequently, you dive into a soaring high that drags your body away into an oblivion mood. On top of that, you feel an influx of creativity and productive energy. Gradually, it somewhat puts you on hold. This lands you into a deep introspection mode yet in sharp focus. Afterwards, the high makes the body heavy that eventually leaves you immobile and couch locked.


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