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Buy Bellini Vape Cartridge Online UK from the best online hash oil dispensary. We stock the most sort after pure hemp oil vape & dab pens.

Bellini is a blend of Strawberry Cough & Peach Rings cannabis derived terpenes, a personal favorite of our founders.  It is an uplifting sativa strain, one that users report leaves them bright and cheery with a positive outlook on the days tasks.  It has a great mild flavor of sweet fruits and cannabis haze.

  • Sativa – Uplifting
  • True Full Spectrum
  • Real Cannabis Terpenes

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Should You Try A THC Cartridge? – Order Bellini Vape Carts UK

Absolutely! Trying new things is the name of the game in the cannabis community. And honestly, what do you have to lose?

If you don’t like it, that smoke sesh is less than stellar, but you can always go back to the old standby (whatever that is for you). But if you do like it, you may just find your new favorite way to get baked.

Before you run out and drop bookoo bucks on a THC cartridge, bum a ride from (a.k.a. share a few tokes with) a friend who already owns a vaporizer. Or maybe she’ll be generous enough to lend it to you for a day so you can really get a feel for how a THC cartridge works.

However you do it, trying before buying is the ideal way to test a THC cartridge and vaporizer for yourself. Just be sure you return the favor should someone ask you.


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