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Hybrid | Indica Dominant Hybrid / 70% Indica | 30% Sativa |THC: 24%


Buy Ace Of Spade Weed UK

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The famous TGA Subcool Seeds Company created the Ace of Spades Marijuana strain. Its parents are the Black Cherry Soda and Jack the Ripper strains. This Indica dominant Weed strain has a THC content that ranges between 15%-20%. It has a hybrid ratio of Indica 60% and Sativa 40%. The plant bears dense light green buds. Long bright red pistils stick out amongst tiny purple-bluish leaves. A thick layer of resinous crystalline trichomes covers the buds. The resin will leave your hands sticky after touching the buds.

During blossom, the buds of this Marijuana strain emit a sweet-sour citrusy smell. You will also feel some berry hints. When burnt, they produce a smooth smoke. The smoke has a lemon taste on inhalation. Besides, a mix of berry and citrus flavour will remain on your mouth after expiration. The Ace of Spades’ high comes with increased creativity and euphoria. It therefore, leaves the smoker happy and giggly. It eventually lulls consumers into a deep and long slumber. However, this strain treats depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, inflammation, and pain.

Positive Effects – Order Ace of Spade Weed UK

The onset of the Ace of Spades Cannabis strain’s effects is typical of Sativa’s. It begins with a cerebral thrill that makes you creative, uplifted, euphoric, and giggly.  A body buzz follows later, delivering profound muscle relaxation. It, however, relieves spasms and leaves you pain-free. Limb numbness that makes you sluggish follows and compels you to lie on your couch. This strain will rock you repeatedly, and eventually lulls you into a deep and long slumber.


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